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Monday 8th July 2019


Monday 22nd July 2019


Ladies and Gentlemen!

As We Continue Our Support for Our Chosen Charity Of 2019 in Aid of SAMH We are beyond excited to be announcing the an auction for a once in a lifetime event.

Introducing the auction of:

SSE Hydro - WWE Live (11/11/19) Crew Member.

That is right you are bidding on the chance to work with the Glasgow local stage crew as they take to the SSE Hydro for WWE Live on Monday 11th November 2019.

You will be brought in on the morning (potentially the evening before as well TBC) you will then help construct the WWE arena from the ring, to the entrance, gorilla position and more.

Even more you will get to watch the event live from behind the commentating team (TBC).

To add to that you will even have your picture taken within the ring once it is fully constructed and you will be paid for the work.

As this is a professional working environment there will some very strict rules, guidelines and T&Cs listed below.

**Previously advertised as Raw Tv taping. Now updated to a WWE Live event.

SSE Hydro - WWE Live (11/11/19) Crew Member Auction

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Terms & Conditions


1. Entrants/bidders must be aged 18 years and over!

(Due to work load)


2. Must be available to work full day of Monday 11th November 2019.

(Possibility of additional day Sunday 10th November 2019) TBC.


3. This will be a professional and very physical work environment which is offering the experience of working alongside a WWE crew.


4. Steel toe cap footwear must be worn on the day. (Further safety gear will be provided onsite)


5. You will gain access to watch the show from the rear of the arena. (Behind the commentary table). TBC


6. You will be under the supervision of the crew manager on the day. You will be representing not only the crew company and ICW Fans Podcast, but also World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE).


7. By placing a bid on this auction for the experience, you are agreeing to the T&C’s as well as the rules that have been made available.


8. Failure to comply with any of the T&C’s and rules, could result in either denied access to the event on the day, or removal from the arena.


You WILL NOT! be refunded for the auction costs if you are denied access or removed from the arena due to rule breaking.



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1. You MUST NOT! be under the influence of any drugs or alcohol.


2. strictly NO! photography or video recording is permitted during the construction of the arena.


3. you MUST NOT! approach any WWE superstars, talent or personnel.


4. in line with above no autographs, photographs or video recordings are permitted.

Bidding Rules:


ALL auction items will begin with an opening bid of £20.00. Any follow up bids will be in increments of £5.00.


How to place a bid:


The bids can be placed by either commenting on the desired auction item post within our Facebook event page, or by sending us a message via any of our social media messengers.


Please before bidding check over the T&Cs and rules.