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For The fans By The Fans

Annual Square Go Podcrate charity draw


Third annual Draw TBC in line with ICW Eighth annual Square Go

Each year In relation to the insane championship wrestling's Annual Square Go event.


30 Competitors, 5 weapons, 1 survivor, no rules.

We will draw and allocate a random number from 1-30.


Numbers are randomly drawn from our iCW Fans podcast budget bingo bonanza machine.

If your numbered entry to the Square Go wins, 
you will win an ICW Fans Podcast Podcrate full of goodies.


ALL Proceeds are then donated to our chosen charity.

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Raffle Royale

Bi-monthly Competition. (August, October, December)

In the style of a traditional Battle Royale wrestling match.


10 Tickets. £2 per entry, 1 per peron, 1 winner.


10 tickets will be placed into our MITB case.


Tickets will then be selected at random and “Eliminated” The raffle draw will end when only one ticket remains and this will be the winning ticket**


**The raffle entries will be available from the 1st of the month to the final day of the month. If all entries are sold out prior to this date, the raffle will close early.


Any remaining entries available at end of month will be entered as a “Wild Card” Should a “Wild Card” ticket be the final ticket, we will revert to the previous “Eliminated ticket” and this will be declared the winner.


Winner will receive a custom ordered ICW Fans Podcast T.shirt of their choice.

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